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Traveling ALONE! | Solo Travel Tips for First Time Travellers

Today we’re gonna be talking about five super useful tips, it’s Robin alone trip tips let’s get right into it. Hi, guys, I do a lot of my travel alone or at least used to and for me personally, I do think if I’m the best ways to travel, it’s the most fun and it’s just a pretty cool experience to get out and experience stuff on your own. So and we drop in flat tips traveling on your own if you haven’t done it before this might be really useful if you have before you might learn some things sit down.

Tip number one which you might think is kind of lame and I’m gonna be honest I kind of think it’s lame too but it is still super important and that is touch base with your loved ones semi-regularly, you don’t just at least make sure there’s at least one or two people who know where you are at any given time at least you’re off location and what you’re up to and what you do more because you never know when things might go down south and this isn’t me saying that you’re gonna get kidnapped and dragged into the outback but it’s good.

That someone can know where you are things do go over itself well, so you get stuck with no money your phone gets stolen you don’t know it to sleep alright, but if someone knows where I never know they could maybe somehow help you. I don’t know because I’m parenting noises you know talk to your loved ones every night never when you’re traveling or so I’ve heard. I don’t know there’s something that I would forget to do because I’m having so much fun and is just something that’s quite important and sure your parents will thank you for it in the long run, it’s just a smart move make sure you let someone know where you are when you’re traveling alone.

Number two but it’s to have some sort of emergency backup cache when you’re traveling preferably stored separately from like your main wallet and bag and stuff because if your bag does get stolen you want to get stolen, you’re left in a pre sticky situation it’s good but I came out is good I’ve got enough money to get a cab to the airport or maybe pay for like a few nights accommodation at a crappy hostel but at least you know you’re gonna be able to sleep and get back to where you need to be until you can.

So our extra funds yeah it’s not something you really want to think about because being enough to miss me like you don’t really want to plan for things going wrong, but sometimes it can happen it’s not your fault it’s just good to be prepared for that so make sure you have some see cash stashed away for a few nights. Accommodation some food whatever in a separate place from the rest of your belongings your thank you lay off.

Number three and this is probably the best tip you’ve any hero with a and if you are traveling alone but it’s a space hostel-like if you’re traveling alone. I’m assuming you’re gonna want to make some friends along the way meet some cool people learn some new things and honestly staying at a hostel is the best way to do that so many times of our child alone. I’ve got to stay a hostel on my own and knowing full well that I’m gonna leave that place of a bunch of new friends it happens every time like one time. I mobile is just sitting down I had like a pre like is a few days I just wanted to spend one night there is nothing sat down in the hostel common room with my laptop editing some YouTube videos. Back in a day and a bunch of people just sit next to me out of nowhere they just got on the bus from the other hostel and then they come over with a bunch of drinks next minute.

I’m not editing videos anymore um getting yeah anyway this decision I made a bunch of new friends had a really good night did a lot of cool stuff it was great I’m so fun and they’re really good as well because everyone knows who’s traveling and so I also was in the same sort of mine space to do that when I meet people it when I do cool stuff. So if you want to have a good time travel alone go and stay number four it’s this kind of similar similar vibe to the last tip and that is to be open to everything if you’ve just met a bunch of new people and they say something like hey like a no you’re not really doing anything today we’re gonna go get five in it’s a four-hour drive down a close, but we just rented a car you want to come with us just plain which sounds like a you know non-common-sense thing to say like yeah I’m doing that my like when you’re traveling alone and you’ve got your plans set it’s kind of sometimes you forget that you maybe it’s stuck in your ways a bit and you don’t really like for yourself up to doing new and exciting things that you normally wouldn’t do or maybe like you’re too tired and like to do that but I guarantee if you just say yes and you go do that thing you’ll thank yourself a thousand times by car once you’ve done.

It because they’ll be memories that you wouldn’t have created otherwise and life is just a great, I don’t know I favor until buy it because it’s just so cool but like just be open to everything when your travels are like they open to like any suggestions people have been able to meet new people talking to people you wouldn’t normally talk to hanging around with doing things that you would normally do try and move foods just everything like that’s what Tom is about I’m getting really like what trying to preach now but do we just make me just to be open to new things.

And number five and that is being prepared to change your plans in the blink of an eye you could be traveling you could have a set route you could know where you went to be every single day you’re gonna have your accommodation booked for the next week and a half bar you might see something that you think is it amazing and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that pops up and you have to take that and it doesn’t matter because you have to take that opportunity because you can do all of those other things whenever you want you can travel down the coast those opportunities aren’t going anywhere but, these fingers come up yeah it might never happen again and you’re gonna kick yourself finish in forever and ever if you don’t take it I don’t know what it is but it’s great and so you need to be prepared to change your plans like that.

Don’t be saying stone when you’re traveling alone like you’ve got to be like water my friend yeah I just quite variously be water, my friend, yeah guys like if there’s nothing wrong with changing your plans and not sticking to what you originally intended to do. You prepare to change in a blink of an eye and just be open to everything that like you’ll thank me down the road, yeah that’s it I feel like I got really off topic there so I’m gonna apologize for that, you guys.

Quick Tips for Solo Travelers

Keep it in front of you, and that looks goofy and whatever, but you’re going to make sure that you don’t lose all your stuff. Hi everybody, my name is Shayla, and I do these videos every Wednesday. I have been traveling full time since 2015, and I make these videos every week to inspire you and encourage you to start creating a life that you want instead of just falling into one.

This week I’m in Athens, Greece and I am volunteering with refugees. I have extended my trip and I have been getting a lot of messages asking about how I’m traveling by myself. I wanted to address the single female travelers and give you some advice that I’ve learned from traveling for the past two years.

So tip number one is download Google Maps. Google Maps, or, which I haven’t used, essentially it’s a way for you to get maps offline, because even if you don’t have service, your phone still knows where you are.

In Cuba we could pin the house, and that way when we want to the beach, we’d know exactly how to get back. It’s also really nice when you’re in a taxi, you can put in your home and you know that the taxi’s
bringing you to your home and not to another place.

The other thing is you can put your earbuds in. So here in Greece I walk to the community centers that I volunteer in, and so I’ll be just walking down the road, listening to my audiobook or my podcast,
and I have maps on, and it’ll tell me, take your left, so then I know to take a left, and I don’t have to be that, oh, what’s going on?

Then you become a target, this girl has no idea where she is, so if you act like you know where you’re going, fake it until you make it and get there, if you’re not sure, then act like you know where you’re going until you could hop into a cafe or somewhere that you can look at your phone.

So building on that, tip number two is, don’t make yourself a target. There’s so many things that you do that you might not realize, so having your phone out like this, (mumbles) snatch, it’s gone, it’s gone.

Take that picture and then put it back. Your camera is also another big thing. In Nicaragua, a photographer taught me to put duct tape over, mine says Sony, so I put duct tape over Sony, and on the strap a little bit, jus to make it look a little more worn, it’s not like, oh my gosh, this brand new, awesome camera, it kind of looks like it’s been in your backpack for a while.

Also, jewelry, a lot of my friends are getting engaged, because it’s that time, when we used to go to Mexico my mom would always buy a fake wedding ring, so if anybody wants to rob you, it’s a no-brainer,
please take this target ring, get it away from me.

The next thing is your purse. So my purse, let me go get it. You want a purse that can go across body, you don’t want to have your purse on your shoulder like this, you want it to go all the way across,
across your body like this.

Keep it in front, not back on your hip. The other thing that’s super handy, which I didn’t even realize when I bought this purse, it can also be a clutch, or you could put your hand through it and just hang on to it as you’re strolling through the market.

Because what’s happening is people are taking scissors, cutting this, and then they take your purse, and it’s gone. Your backpack is another thing. So, let me grab that. Depending on where you were I would not recommend wearing an outfit like this, but since it’s what I’m wearing, I’m going to show you.

Wearing your backpack like this, on somewhere like the metro, not ideal, because you can’t see what’s going on back here. Whenever I get on the metro, I throw it on front like this, and just chill with it. And that looks goofy and whatever, but you’re going to make sure that you don’t lose all your stuff.

See all these really handy compartments that make accessing your stuff really easy, don’t put your (beep) there. You can see there’s another pocket in here, put things in there so that it’s easy for you
to find but not easy for people to take.

And when you walk around, walk around with a purpose, don’t walk around with your phone like, ah, I don’t, what? Walk with a purpose, like you know exactly where you’re going, you’ve done this a thousand times before.

Tip number three is where to put important things. Passport; in Spain, my best friend Laura lost her passport, take pictures of the passport, either have it on your phone, or I print out hard copies, so if I do lose my passport it makes the process of getting a new one really, really easy.

When we want to Cuba, they don’t take your credit cards, and we weren’t sure about the ATMs, so we had a lot of money. Some in my purse, in my makeup bag, in my electronics. If somebody stole my purse, I wasn’t completely out of money.

Tip number four, a lot of people, women specifically, when they travel, are really nervous about where to stay. I would hands down recommend a hostel. And people are freaked out about hostels because that stupid movie.

A lot for times, for women, they have women only dorms, or co-ed dorms, so you can decide. And people think that it’s dangerous, being with all those people, but I feel like it’s more eyes and more people that can help you.

If some guy’s trying to approach you in the hostel, getting too close, you can say something and there’s a lot of other people in the room that will help you. So when you go and you meet people, a lot of times
you’ll go out, so tip number five is don’t drink too much.

Don’t go out and be like, alright, we’re going to get hammered, I’m in Amsterdam, I’m going to try all the drugs that I’ve never tried before. This is not the place. You want to have fun, and you want to socialize,
drinking beer is better than drinking cocktails because you can see them open the bottle and you know that nothing is getting inside of it, people don’t know you, people are not making sure that you make it home okay, you need to make sure that you are on your game, and that I think is where a lot of people get in trouble.

Tip number six is pack light. You are traveling by yourself, you want to be independent, you don’t want to need someone else to have to carry your bags. I pack with this thing. This is my bag, and I love these backpacking backpacks, it has this really nice hip strap, but you can see it’s not even on my shoulder, so it’s all on my hips, and this keeps it so it doesn’t hurt your back too much, but you want to make sure that when this is on, everything is really tight, so this is nice and tight onto, it should just be like an extension of your body.

And then you could have this on the front. I love this combination. And I try and pack with this inside because inevitably, sometimes you end up with more than you go with, souvenirs and different things. Again, you do not want to be the damsel in distress who’s on the airplane and can’t get her bag down because it’s too heavy, you want to be super independent, get your stuff.

For not knowing what to pack, you pack enough for one week. And then, you meet lots of friends so that you can wear the same outfit two nights in a row with two different groups of people. I really love this outfit, and I went out with a different group last night than I’m going out with tonight, I’m wearing the same outfit.

It’s really that simple. I do that while I’m traveling, I do that at home. Even for these videos I have to think about a new outfit to wear because I don’t have that many clothes. Number seven, I am a backpacker, I am very frugal, I’m very cheap, and one thing that I do pay for is safety.

When we were in Thailand we had a late night flight that came into Bangkok, but Bangkok’s not really that safe of a place, especially at night, so we paid the extra money to ensure safety. We asked the hotel to send a taxi for us, and I think that you should never skimp on that.

Even here in Greece, when I go out at night, the walk to the metro, all the time, it’s like a 20 minute walk, but at 11 o’clock at night, I wasn’t so sure, and I wasn’t willing to risk it for five dollars, so I definitely called a cab and had them bring me.


What’s up guys and welcome to the Dubai International Airport. If you’ve just arrived here, then you’re probably feeling exhausted, which is exactly why I’ve come here and gotten myself a delicious appuccino.
Now, most of you guys probably think of Dubai as this luxury travel destination and for some, that’s definitely the case.

But today, my mission is to show you that Dubai can actually be traveled relatively affordably. We have set ourselves a very fine budget of 10 U.S. dollars, let’s see how long it lasts us. So cappuccino was 25? Thee we go, so there’s five, 10, 15, 20, thank you.

Thank you very much. Alright, so… So naturally, if you’ve just arrived in Dubai, you’re of course, with your luggage, so the first thing we’re gonna wanna do is probably head to your hotel so that you can get rid of all that. The best options are gonna be to either take a taxi, which is actually relatively affordable compared to North America, or to take the Metro system.

Very efficient and very cheap, so let’s try that. The Metro system taking you all the way downtown to the Burj, to the Central District. It’s eight AED or about like, two U.S. dollars, guys. So, so cheap. So efficient.

Don’t even bother with a taxi. When traveling, often your greatest expenses are related to accommodations so I wanted to give you a bit of an idea of where you can get the best bang for your buck here in Dubai.

So there’s two areas that I heard are very cheap and affordable, one we actually stayed in there’s Mankhool and there’s Deira. Now, Mankhool is only about a 50 AED taxi ride away from the airport, the Metro doesn’t run there, but the taxi is so cheap.

And the hotel we got was incredible value. Now if you wanna be in the most happening places and you don’t mind spending a little bit of extra, you’ve got downtown Dubai, which is next to the Burj Khalifa
and the Dubai Mall, and right across from it, you have Business Bay Dubai.

The third and last one I wanted to mention is JBR and that’s about a 25 minute drive away. The awesome thing about it is that they’re all connected by the Metro system which is dirt cheap to use, incredibly efficient, so don’t be afraid to stay in the JBR area.

So I wanted to give you a top tip for a very affordable activity here in Dubai. To keep your costs low, simply go to your hotel lobby, grab a seat, and just take it in. Maybe see if you can snag a few complimentary drinks.

For me, I need somewhere I can do work, feel comfortable, have high speed internet, so this place is about 80 U.S. dollars per night. A quick pan around, boom. Look at all the work space. Very, very happy with that, I have high speed internet, and this is the benefit of not being in the downtown core of Dubai.

Katia, do you feel that? It’s the feeling of savings. This temperature right now is about eh, 38 degrees. Very humid. And that’s the reason there’s very few people in Dubai right now, which means you can save on hotels and experiences.

There’s gonna be tons of people trying to sell us stuff as we go through here. And as far as the eye can see, it is just jewelry store after jewelry. This is my friend here, he sells gold. Is your smile for sale?
Because it’s golden. Oh my gosh. So this right here is one of the local areas. It’s outside of downtown Dubai by about 30 minutes in the cab and it’s called Deira.

Dee-duh, dee-duh, day-duh? It’s called Deira and Deira is one of the areas where you can get like, a very cultural Dubai. You look like an assassin. Ooh, it’s actually very pretty. We said yes to a stranger on the side of the road and here we are.

Once you’ve left the Gold Souk, you basically are spat right out into the Spice Souk. And wow, there’s so many smells in here. – It’s a date with coconut and chocolate. Very good.

That like, immediately cleaned and opened up my sinuses. So just a small walk away from the Gold Souk and the Spice Souk is the littler river area that runs through the area known as Deira and on the other side is Bur Dubai, which are kinda like the old, traditional town.

Definitely a very cultural experience to come see this. Hello, sir! Just chilling with the boys. We’re about to cross in the Abra.

When I’m in an expensive city and I’m really trying to cut costs, I will go to a few choice websites. One of them is Airbnb. If you’re really price sensitive, what you wanna do is you wanna click on the price section here and we can drag it as far as we can afford to spend.

So let’s say we’re really budget, we only have $27 a night. So, I’ve actually found one right here for $13 a night. Now, it is shared, you don’t know who you’re sharing with. I’ve looked at the location here, for $13 plus a two dollar service fee, $15 total, you’re about, what looks to be about 20 minutes outside of downtown Dubai.

Not close, not the best location, but you get what you pay for. For $80 a night, a very beautiful apartment and it basically looks like a hotel. Now, I wanted to show you another website that I like to use. It’s called Agoda. So if you take a look here on Agoda, I put in Dubai for one night starting tonight and if you go here, you can filter by price, by location, you can see on this map here that we can go all the way to The Palm, or we can go all the way to…

My battery’s dying. And we’ll see from our results here that we’ve got what looks to be Grandma’s little storage room for $10 a night. My computer died. Frick! Apologies for that. I don’t know why I always wait til my computer’s dead to plug it in but here we are.

So one last thing I wanted to show you is yes, you can go to Agoda, book cheap hotels there, but one last thing, if you’re a solo traveler in particular, I think hostels are a great place to go. And for that,
there’s a website called Hostelworld.

It’s like 40 degrees and humid right now, but we’re gonna go and brave it. We’re gonna show you around Dubai, the outside, where nobody can charge us to see because we are affordable travelers. Let’s go have a look.

Sorry, guys. Just fanning myself with all my savings I’m making right now because it is completely free to be here. But it’s also very hot. One of the really great things that Dubai has to offer is their shopping
but if you’re on a budget, shopping’s not really for you. Nonetheless, I still recommend that even if you’re on a tight budget, check out the Mall.

The Mall itself is kind of an attraction. It’s extremely beautiful from the fountains, the ice skating. I should also mention, it can be one of the cheaper places to get food. One of the ways to actually eat affordably
is actually in the Dubai Mall.

There is a huge array of restaurants. You can easily spend a lot, or you can get some Canadian food, like Tim Horton’s and keep costs low. So Katia and I have ordered ourselves some wraps. It was around like, six dollars U.S. per person so it’s very affordable if you need it to be.

Alright, guys. So, once you go–ahh! I almost took out a little kid. Once you come into the Dubai Mall, something that’s kinda fun, especially if you have never tried it before is ice skating. So this is kind of affordable.

It’s coming around 75 AED, which isn’t exactly that cheap for ice skating, but for it being in the Dubai Mall, trying to kill time, if you’re not sure what to do, it’s pretty fun. So just inside of the Dubai Mall
is a connection into the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the entire world.

You actually don’t know how much it’s gonna cost you until you get through the line. There’s no display of the price, the people working the front won’t tell you, they’re like, “Well, it depends on the time of the day.”

So I actually just went to the At The Top website where they sell the tickets to go all the way up the Burj and I found that it’s actually 135 to go to floors 124 and floors 125. That’s where I’ve been before
and I must recommend it.

It is very, very cool. With that being said, though, there is a more budget alternative that recently opened. It’s called the Dubai Frame. I believe it’s been open for about a year or two and for about 60 AED,
you should pre-book your tickets.

We tried to show up and just buy them at the door. They’re 50 AED per person but again, if you haven’t reserved any then you’re not gonna get in, so. Round two, baby. We got this this time, let’s go.
We’re going to the Frame. You already know we booked tickets this time. You already know, though, we about to hit up that gold.

I want the gold. All I see is gold. You already know, though, she showed up with a player, we about to see the gold. We about to go up into the gold Alright. Up we go, the Frame. Willy Wonka glass elevator style.

Moral of the story, pay the 10 AED extra and pre-book your tickets if you’re gonna go to the Frame. I should also mention that at the end of the exhibit, there is this incredible, 270 degree screen that gives you this like, future of Dubai tour and it’s like, one of the most engaging videos I’ve ever watched.

How to Travel The World With Almost No Money

Hey guys, I’m Tom from Croatia, and for the last couple of years, the world has been my home. I travelled, I hitchhiked in cars, trucks, horses, motorcycles, boats. I drove in buses, trains, rickshaws.
I worked all kinds of jobs, spent time with locals, I volunteered, and became a monk -just kidding.

I sailed across the Indian Ocean, I tried things that I never tried before. I’ve seen things that I will remember as long as I live. and all that with almost no money. That’s pretty much it actually, thank you very much.

Most of the people when they see this video, they react with, “Wow! I wish I could travel like that.” The thing is, most of us actually can. Before I started travelling, as Andrew said, I was a stockbroker, working 9-5, had a lot of money. and then the crash came 2008, I lost my job, I lost the money, and I lost the meaning.

At that time, I discovered a website called Couchsurfing. I don’t know how many of you guys heard about Couchsurfing? Ok, how many of you haven’t heard about Couchsurfing? Ok, for you guys, it’s an internet website that allows you to host travellers in your own home, and at the same time it allows you to stay in other people’s homes while you’re travelling yourself.

When I was hosting people in my apartment, over 150 of them, by listening to their stories, and seeing the spark in their eyes, my thought was, “wow! I wish I could travel like that.” But I was afraid. The world is a very dangerous place, at least according to the media, our education, our family church, and so on.

I was afraid of leaving my comfort zone, and going, by myself, into the unknown world. I was also afraid of not having any money, and then the people that I hosted in my apartment told me two amazing things. First of all, you don’t have to be brave to travel, you just have to have a little bit of courage to start, to leave.

And the other thing they told me is that you don’t have to be rich to travel. Actually, all expenses while you’re travelling fall into three major categories: first is transportation, to get from point A to point B,
the other one is accommodation, and the last is everything else, food, drinks and so on.

And they told me if you minimize those three expenses to some minimum, it can actually be cheaper to travel than live in your own city. I listened to them, and for the next five years, I’ve been travelling around the world, with almost no money. And this is how I did it: first thing, I hitchhiked.

Apart from being free, apart from being really fast, it allowed me one amazing thing, to have an adventure between point A and point B. Now how many of you guys have ever hitchhiked before? Ok, quite a lot of you, why, what are you doing? I’m going to play you a short video called “Hitchhiking Guide”, just to tell you a few unwritten rules about hitchhiking, and some of my experiences.

There are other alternatives to transportation. One of them is walking, you guys know what that is… How many of you guys know? So, you just take your backpack and hit the road. Another way is cycling; it’s not maybe completely free, because you have to buy the bicycle, and eventually fix it, but it’s much cheaper than the conventional methods of transportation. And the last one is actually working in exchange for transportation.

I did this when I was sailing across the Indian Ocean from Australia to Africa. And I didn’t have to pay for the ride, I just needed to do some work on the boat, like some night watches, “cooking” and stuff like that. When it came to accommodation, most of the time I used Couchsurfing, because I had a lot of experience, had a lot these positive references on the website and so on.

What I like about Couchsurfing the most is not only because it’s free, it allows you to have a different perspective of the destination. You’re not destined to stay in your hotel room or take the tourist tours.
You just hang out with your host he takes you on places that you would probably never visit by yourself.

But also there some other alternatives; one of them is camping, you have your tents, you can sleep almost everywhere you want. In the big cities I usually slept in parks just have my sleeping bag and my mattress. The last one when it comes to accommodation is volunteering.

There are a lot of opportunities all around the world that offer you to work in exchange for accommodation, sometimes even food. So you get to sleep in beautiful rooms like this. When it comes to all the other expenses, one of them is food, in rich cities and rich countries I usually buy food in supermarkets, which is the cheapest way, and just eat on the streets.

You can also cook with your host, which can be a pretty unique experience. To say the least These are Germans actually. Sorry, it was pretty delicious to say the least and one of the cheapest. Another thing is dumpster diving; maybe over 40-50% of the food that is being produced is being thrown away, and a lot of people have a problem with that, so they go to supermarket bins after the closing hours, and just take all the food that is not going to be sold the day after.

When it comes to drinks, booze you know, the usual ty to avoid bars, restaurants and to drink in parks. This is how you can travel really really cheaply but one other thing when it comes to travelling is that you can earn money while travelling.

How to do that? I did it a couple times. One of them is busking, playing the guitar on the streets. I’m not a musician. I know like probably four or five chords, and four songs, so it’s like repeat all, you know.
People are passing by, so they don’t really know. The most important thing is to have a story. I always had my small cardboard, which I wrote, actually somebody else wrote in the local language, where I’m from, what I’m doing there, what’s my story.

I think that’s why people donated a little bit of money, some sandwiches, sodas, and so on. You won’t earn a lot of money by doing this but it can get you through the day. One other way is to write; you can write a blog, open up a Facebook page. After a while, you can maybe write a book, and so on.

But what brought me largest amount of money is actually going to Australia. This is a job I worked in Australia, I call it “professional traffic diverter”, it’s a very hard job as you can see, you tell people, “Please go this way and not this way” I mean, if they are blind you know.

So for this, I was getting paid twenty dollars an hour. I’m sorry, I know you hate me, and all that. Oh, well. Plus, I had food and accommodation included. I know, I know. Actually, one information, this was on my around the world trip, it took me thirteen days of working at this job, to pay off eight months of travelling from Croatia through the entire Asia, reaching Australia.

So thirteen days of work, in exchange for eight months of travelling. So, what have I learned on all these trips? Have I found the meaning of life and so on. That’s what my mom asked me? Like “Oh, you know we were really scared for all these years, but was it worth it?” and my answer is always “definitely yes”. I’ve learned a lot of things, most of them are just like some personal nature things so I won’t be talking about that, but I also learned some general fruits. so to speak I learned not to trust media, and all their “horror stories”.

I learned that we should preserve our earth, like it’s the only one we have, and the only one with chocolate right? I learned to tear down my prejudices, that was probably one of the most important things.
I learned that all the people around the world, no matter how much we try to point out the differences between the cultures, races, religions, and so on, we’re all actually basically the same.

I have a short story about these prejudices that I encountered while I was travelling. When I was leaving Croatia, heading on my around the world trip, everybody was telling me, “Be careful, it’s very dangerous, you know you’re going to hitchhike, going to sleep in other people’s homes and stuff like that.” In Croatia, it’s still ok to travel, but as soon as you cross the border, and enter into Serbia… you know what Serbians are like.

Be very very careful, somebody might kill you. And I’m like “Ok, thank you for the warning” and I cross the border enter into Serbia, amazing adventures, amazing people I met, people picking me up, taking me out sleeping in their homes, really really amazing experiences. I was leaving Serbia, heading to Bulgaria, and I was driving with a driver, and telling him that story, like how Croatians were warning me
about Serbians.

And he’s like, “Ah brother, you know that is complete nonsense, Croatians and Serbians, we are all brothers. But Bulgarians, when you cross the border, enter into Bulgaria… you know what Bulgarians are like; a lots of gypsies, man, you know. Be very careful, somebody might kill you.” Entering Bulgaria, the same story all over again. Amazing experiences, people just extremely friendly. Then I was driving with one truck driver, going towards Turkey and I was telling him the same story how Croatians warned me about Serbians, Serbians about Bulgarians.

And he was like, “Oh brother, that’s complete nonsense, Croatians, Serbians, Bulgarians… we are all Balkan brothers! But Turkish people, oh my God! You know what Turkish people are like. Very dangerous, somebody might kill you.” Turkish people warned me about Kurdish people, Kurdish people about Iranis, Iranis about Pakistanis, Pakistanis about Indians, Indians didn’t warn me about anyone, I don’t know,
it’s like the last frontier, or something.

Beats me, but yeah, it wasn’t only a travel lesson, but maybe a life lesson like not to trust all these horror stories that people were telling. And one also interesting thing, when you come back home, people are kind of afraid of leaving, because they don’t know what’s going to wait for them once they come back.

There’s a big probability you will be a star. When you come back, everybody will buy you beers, the girls will be like, “Ooh, you know he’s been travelling!” But after a while, it kinda gets boring; you’re tired of telling your own story, people are tired of listening to it, and this post travelling depression kicks in.

Then you actually have three options. One of them is to just settle down to your old lifestyle. You still have your old friends, they’re still talking about the same things, going to the same places, maybe you can get your old job back, and after a while it’s ok.

You feel safe living there; but you kind of miss that guy who has been travelling, having this intensity wherever he goes. The second option is to take your backpack, and say, “Oh no, I can’t live here” and just head back to the road.

You will have that intensity, you’ll meet amazing people, have adventures every single day. But after a while, you’ll miss something; you’ll miss belonging to a story. Your friendships will be intense, but they will be short-lasting.

Your relationships will last as long as your visa for a certain country. You will miss having a home. The third option is actually the balance of these two: so stay in one place, but still don’t loose
that intensity. Walk in streets you’ve never walked in before, start talking with random people on the streets, get a new hobby, find a new job.

So, is it for everyone, this type of travelling? I don’t think so; with all the amazing things that this kind of travelling can bring to you, there are also downsides: it’s a big chance that you’ll be lonely and that you’ll be hungry, sick, homesick, but it all comes down to your gut feeling.

How to Travel Cheap : Your Guide to Traveling With No Money

A beginner’s guide for people who are just getting started, so we’re gonna go over some things that a lot of you might know about if you’re seasoned travelers but if you’re kind of new to it then hopefully we’ll get something out of this. So the first thing my number one thing is to get free flights with a travel credit card so there are a bunch of credit cards ou. There that can really help you out when it comes to getting flights some of them are actually made for travel.

There’s one that I use that’s for travel and it’s by Chase it’s the Chase Sapphire reserve and this really isn’t the only card, there are other ones out there what happens is you get points on these cards and then you can use those for travel so for my card the points that I accumulate.

They’re actually worth more if I use them for travel so I can take it out as cash if I want to use those points just to take out cash but if I use them for flights they’re worth three times as much and the good thing about the card that I use the Chase Sapphire reserve is that when you sign up for it you get bonus points just for signing up.

So when I signed up it was about a hundred thousand points and it roughly translated to about $1,000 worth of flights for free so the next thing is to get a debit card that charges no ATM fees. So you can use these at ATMs all over the world and instead of getting these fees that you get every time you take out your money these ones there are no fees and so the one that I use is the Charles Schwab card.

So the next thing is free walking tours you can find these all over the place and main cities and sometimes even smaller cities but these walking tours are free and you usually just give them a little tip if you want to but it’s a good way to see the city and see everything get a little bit of the history and the culture and learn about it before you go off on your own and along those lines is free pub crawls a lot of times if you stay at a hostel you can find free pub crawls that you can go on and a lot of times they’ll provide free alcohol at least at the beginning and sometimes door the whole crawl.

So that’s a good time to get drunk on a budget getting free accommodation with trusted house sitters this is a website where you can basically house it for people you can watch their cat or their dog or just watch their house and keep it safe for them sometimes you can stay in one place for a few days a week or sometimes even a month you can find free accommodation with couchsurfing I’ve gone over this many times but couchsurfing really saved me especially in Europe you can meet locals stay with them make new friends and stay somewhere for free student discounts.

if you’re a student or you were a student you can use your card for student discounts at a lot of Tours and activities and things that you can do all around big cities all around the world I’ve never actually used this but I have definitely been with friends and people that I met along the way that did have these and they always get in for much cheaper than me hitchhiking this isn’t for everybody but it is a lot safer than people think it is I did this a little bit in Europe recently and every experience was great and it’s free and you can get from point A to point B instead of buying a flight which could cost you a hundred two hundred or more or a train trip or a bus trip just try hitchhiking and it’s free and sometimes you meet locals sometimes you can even stay with them it’s a great way to go i highly recommend at least trying it once in your life next is look for budget transportation deals recently i was in europe and i saw that there were some deals for example if you’re going to europe flix bus is a really cheap bus company they’re actually all over the world but in europe they have a deal five trips for a hundred euros.

So you pay a hundred euros up front and then you get codes for a bus trip from one country to another or one city to another so what you do is you use these for the longer trips so that you save money that way and if you have a shorter trip you don’t really want to use one of your Belcher codes for that because it might cost 10 euros or 20 euros but if you’re going say from Italy to France or Belgium and that trip alone on a bus we probably cost over a hundred euros and you’re getting that as one of your five trips all for a hundred euros you can try your rail getting a Eurail pass while you’re in Europe I did that my first time and that saved me a lot of money and then there is blahblah car blahblah car it’s basically ride-sharing and you can find really cheap deals because it’s somebody who’s travelling from one city to another and they’re gonna pay for it anyway but this is a way for them to make a little bit extra cash.

So you can find sometimes just throw them five bucks and you can get in their car and go across the country we did this a few times in Europe and it was amazing the next is pretty obvious but travel to budget destinations please like Southeast Asia India South America if you travel in a budget destination then you can travel a lot longer and you can do more things you can try more food meet more people do more activities because a lot of things are going to cost much less than if you’re traveling say in Europe eat the street food this is gonna depend where you are in the world but places like Asia and you can find street food from half a dollar to you know a couple dollars for a full meal and if you’re in a place where the street food.

Is good also India don’t be afraid of it you should try it there are chances that you couldn’t get a little tummy ache you could get a little sick yeah it does happen but you have to try these things you have to live a little you’re most likely not gonna die from it I’ve gotten a couple little stomach issues but nothing that didn’t heal within a few days the next is to cook for yourself or eat food from grocery stores grocery stores pretty much always have the cheapest food unless there’s cheap street food and if you’re in an air B&B; or a hostel that has kitchen then cooking for yourself is one of the best ways to travel on a budget so the next thing this is a little different this is going to change the way that you travel but you can work abroad you can do things like a pair I’ve met a lot of girls that do this mostly girls and that’s a good way to make your money and have a place to stay you can be a bartender in a lot of these countries if you speak English really well they might want you in some of the tourist bars you can do hostel work sometimes you don’t make money but you usually get free room and board.

So you have a place to stay and you’re not spending any money but you get to stay somewhere for a little bit of work and then on your days off or your nights off you get to explore the place I’ve met people who were waiters and waitresses you can be a dive instructor it actually doesn’t take that long to get certified and become an instructor I met a lot of people in Bali Indonesia.

Who are doing this and they love their life they just hang out at the beach all day and I seemed pretty good to me when I was there I might look into it you can be a tour guide this also takes a little bit of time but you could definitely figure this out and if you’re a native English speaker or very good in English then this is definitely a good way to go you can work at a cruise ship I’ve met people doing this and I’ve read many articles about people who work on cruise ships they’re constantly looking for people to do this and it’s a good way to not only travel one country but probably travel multiple and sail the seas the next thing I’m sure you’ve heard of is to teach English a lot of Asian countries this is a huge thing to do but really all over the world you can do this if you’re American or Australian English you know fluent in English and it’s your native language they’re always looking for people and you can definitely find a way to do this stay in that country and make a little bit of money and then after you’re done with your job maybe in a year you can travel with that money a little bit more the next thing is to work online.

There are a ton of websites it’s 2018 and there are a lot of websites where you can find work online even if you don’t have a lot of skills you can go to fiver I’m a key making videos of my travels and you can make a little bit of money doing that up work another site where you can do kind of freelance work and then Craigslist people are always looking for people to do the odd job and Craigslist is a great place to do that and to find these things while you’re traveling the next thing is whoof worldwide organic farming something but you can join that and you can stay on a farm do a little farming you have a place to stay and sometimes you can stay there for a month up to I think I’ve seen three months and it’s a really good way to really get to know the place that you are and stay for a longer period of time if you have any budget travel tips or things that you’ve done in order to travel longer better cheaper.

What to Pack: Kids Carry On Longest Flight Ever

Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m going to be showing you what to pack in the kids carry-on cases for a long haul flight. We’re actually going on the longest flight we’ve ever been on with them. We’re going from London to L.A., so it is an 11 and a half hour flight with three children. They are eight, five and two years old, so I have quite a few different things to show you.

For cases, we are taking their scooter travel cases. Again, so you literally get a little luggage case on a scooter. We love using them because we don’t actually have to carry them. The boys just scoot along and you can take them in the cabin. Then once we arrive in L.A., they can use them as scooters while we’re there as well. We think they’re great.

With our two year old, I’m going to share a carry on case with him, which is just going to be my handbag. But without further ado, I’ll show you everything that we’re taking. There are quite a few snacks and activities as well.

Whenever I pack, I tend to lay everything out on the table or a bed so I can make sure I have enough stuff, and I can see everything before I put it into a bag. I’ll start over here. I’m bringing Dettol wipes because these kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, and planes have so many germs on them. You may notice that sometimes you get off a plane and you get sick because the air on a plane is just circulating round and round, so there’s quite a few germs on there. As soon as I get on, I’m going to wipe down their trays, I’m going to wipe down their chair arms. I’m going to wipe everything in a bid to try and clean
the space a little bit. So that’s a massive tip. Then I’m also bringing some hand sanitizer, just because before they eat a meal, or eat a snack, I’m going to just get them to use this. Again, I just, I don’t really want anyone to get sick.

In terms of toileting, what I tend to do, because my two year old is still in nappies, I bring one nappy per hour of travel. I have about 12 here I believe. Then I’m also bringing a pack of eco unscented wipes, a little tiny barrier cream for nappy rash or diaper rash, and also some little sashes of Calpol. Rather than bring a big bottle of it, I’m actually just going to bring these this time. I have about six, and there’s five ml in each, so I always bring Calpol because you never know if they’re going to get a headache, or if my baby’s going to teeth, or just so many things.

Over here, we have three piles, one for each boy, so I’ll just talk you through. They’re all pretty similar. They have loads of snacks. These are all treats that they wouldn’t normally have. It makes it a bit more exciting. Of course there’s going to be meals on the flights because it is a very long flight, but I’m also bringing lots of treats and snacks as well. So, we have some popcorn, Doritos, onion rings. They love these little strawberry flakes in yogurt, so I’ve got two packs of those. Also a little Barny bear, a little rice krispy square. This yogurt is great for travel because you don’t need a spoon to eat it. You can
just, they’ll just suck that right from the thing, and it’s got no nasties in it, so my kids really like these. It’s whole milk and fruit.

Then also I’ve got some breakfast [Belvita 00:03:13] biscuits. I’ve got satsuma and an apple. I will also be making a sandwich for each boy on the day that we travel, but we’re not going for a few days, so I’ll make that fresh. Then I’ve got each of the boys a little surprise egg. [Jackson 00:03:29] has a PJ Mask one, and then the other two have a kinder surprise egg as well. There’s a few different variations. Fraser is a bit older. He likes these Nature Valley bars. He’s also got a tiny thing of Haribo, and Caleb’s pretty much got the same snacks as [Jackson 00:03:47].

I also have some mini lollipops for them to have during the descent in case their ears are feeling pressure, they can have that and it will hopefully help. I also wanted to show you that I’m actually putting their treats into a big Ziploc bag each, and I have labeled it so they know who’s snacks are who. As soon as we get on, we can take this bag out of the carry on, put it in the seat in front of them, and they will have snacks to hand so that we don’t have to keep going up to the to[ shelf to get their bag out and all of that stuff. I’m going to limit to a snack an hour, in terms of the treats. But obviously if they don’t eat one for a couple of hours because they’re sleeping, then they can have more, but I am going to try and limit them so it lasts for the whole 11 hours.

I’ve also got them each a little drinking bottle. We will take them empty and then fill them up on the flight. I put their initial on each one. We have Jackson, Caleb and Fraser. These are quite small, but I thought that that was actually quite a good thing because they can go into the seat pocket in front of them, so when we get on, we can fill it and they can have it right there if they get thirsty.

I’m also bringing this concentrate travel squash from Robinsons. It is 0% sugar, and it’s great because we can fill up their cups with just water, put a splash of this into it and it turns it into juice, and we will also use this abroad.

Because it’s a long haul flight, there will be in-flight entertainment on the plane, so each person will have a little screen to watch. I’m sure there will be films that they were to watch. There’s a whole children selection of movies. But, just in case, we have loaded up the iPad with Umizoomi, Sing, Trolls, Zootropolis, their favorite movies so they can watch this.

Although we only have one iPad, [Matt 00:05:38] and I also have our phones with us. So if they each needed something, we would actually have it. The movies and things that are available on the iPad are also available on our phones because we have like a family sharing thing.

Each child also has a pair of headphones so that they can listen to their movies. Planes are really noisy places, so it’s good to have these. I think they might even give them out on board, but just in case they don’t like them, we have room to bring these ones. To entertain our two year old, I have a few things here. First thing is I’ve got some twist up crayons, which are great for traveling with. They’re much better than traveling with pens that could get everywhere, so I’ve got the crayons, and then I have a Peppa Pig magazine, which comes with a surprise bag on it, and inside, there are things that you can color.

There are also stories that I can read to him, and stickers as well. So there’s so much going on inside this that I’m thinking that will keep him quite entertained. Then I’m also bringing his Water Magi books. These are great. You get a pen and you fill it up with water. Then when he rubs the pen over these images, all the color shows, and they also dry out really quickly and he can do it over and over again. then I’m also bringing just two little Mr. [Men 00:06:51] books because they’re so thin and perfect for travel. So I’ve got Mr. Skinny and Mr. Jelly, so I can read him a story if he wants to.

Then for my five year old, I have got this ultimate sticker collection from Lego. This book’s really good because you get the sticker, and then there are some activities where you have to match up where they go. We’ve got that, and then I know that he’ll also really enjoy playing Uno with his older brother. This is like their favorite card game. I can’t recommend it enough for when you travel. They will probably play that quite a lot. I also got each boy a little [Mashum 00:07:28] surprise so they can open that up and see which one they’ve got. The two older boys have Marvel, and then my toddler has a Peppa Pig one, so
I think they’ll really like them. That should keep them entertained for a little while.

Then for my eldest, obviously he’s eight, so he’s really into doing crosswords, so we have a crossword book. I also have a little Horrid Henry novel. He really likes the Horrid Henry books. And then also a word search, which is Spurs, which is the football team that he supports. Then I’ve also got him a little pack of Match Attax, which are the football cards that he collects. Then finally, I have a pair of pajamas for each child because it is such a long flight, and it is overnight. If they’re struggling to sleep, I think if I try and do the whole bedtime routine, change them into pajamas, wash their face, brush their teeth, that might actually help them sort of feel like it’s nighttime. I tried to choose pajamas that could maybe pass for joggers, or an outfit when we get off, just in case they’re still wearing their pajamas when we get off the flight. Hopefully they won’t look too strange. Fraser’s got these Minecraft ones, and then the boys just have ones from Next.

Right, so that’s everything that I’m putting in the kids carry on cases this time. Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you think I’m forgetting anything, because I definitely feel like I am, yeah. Wish me luck ’cause I’m going to need it, and I’ll see you on my next one. Bye guys.

Tips For Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids can be a nightmare or it can be an incredibly positive experience if you just get your creative juices flowing and find a few tricks of the travel trade. If you’re traveling on an airplane with your child, one of the things I recommend is making sure that you pack well.

Make sure that on the plane you have lots of snacks for these children because when children are bored, if you feed them, they tend to be not as bored. This is not a time where you want to pick a lot of nutritious healthy snacks. This is when you really want to have fun, so go into the store at the airport and let your kids pick out some fun snacks. Let them find some gummy bears, gummy worms, or some
Cheetos and take those on the plane with them.

They’ll be very excited and you’ll win mom of the year at that time. The other thing I would recommend is making sure that you bring books and coloring things. If your children are electronic and like to use movies, iPads, and phones bring those as well and make sure they’re all charged up. Booking a direct flight or booking a flight with a short layover will make your experience traveling with your children
much easier. Children tend to get very bored waiting in the airport to board the planes.

You’ll be asked over and over again when is the plane going to take off. When do we get on the plane? For takeoff and landing on the plane and protecting those precious little ears from popping, one of the
things that helps a lot is giving the children something to suck on. If you’re breastfeeding, I strongly recommend that you breastfeed that baby on takeoff and landing. If your children are too old and don’t breastfeed any more, lollipops, gum, and sucking on a straw any of those things can help pop those ears and make them feel more comfortable during takeoff and landing.

My last and favorite tip for flying with your children is creating the airplane mommy. This is the person that checks you into the plane. It can be the pilot. It can be the flight attendant serving the drinks on the plane and making sure your seat belt is buckled and flat across your lap. You want to tell your children that the airplane mommy is the boss of the airplane and then they need to follow all of the airplane mommy’s rules which includes staying in their seat with their seatbelt fastened. My children are a big fan of the airplane mommy and they always do everything she says even when they don’t follow my rules