Tips For Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids can be a nightmare or it can be an incredibly positive experience if you just get your creative juices flowing and find a few tricks of the travel trade. If you’re traveling on an airplane with your child, one of the things I recommend is making sure that you pack well.

Make sure that on the plane you have lots of snacks for these children because when children are bored, if you feed them, they tend to be not as bored. This is not a time where you want to pick a lot of nutritious healthy snacks. This is when you really want to have fun, so go into the store at the airport and let your kids pick out some fun snacks. Let them find some gummy bears, gummy worms, or some
Cheetos and take those on the plane with them.

They’ll be very excited and you’ll win mom of the year at that time. The other thing I would recommend is making sure that you bring books and coloring things. If your children are electronic and like to use movies, iPads, and phones bring those as well and make sure they’re all charged up. Booking a direct flight or booking a flight with a short layover will make your experience traveling with your children
much easier. Children tend to get very bored waiting in the airport to board the planes.

You’ll be asked over and over again when is the plane going to take off. When do we get on the plane? For takeoff and landing on the plane and protecting those precious little ears from popping, one of the
things that helps a lot is giving the children something to suck on. If you’re breastfeeding, I strongly recommend that you breastfeed that baby on takeoff and landing. If your children are too old and don’t breastfeed any more, lollipops, gum, and sucking on a straw any of those things can help pop those ears and make them feel more comfortable during takeoff and landing.

My last and favorite tip for flying with your children is creating the airplane mommy. This is the person that checks you into the plane. It can be the pilot. It can be the flight attendant serving the drinks on the plane and making sure your seat belt is buckled and flat across your lap. You want to tell your children that the airplane mommy is the boss of the airplane and then they need to follow all of the airplane mommy‚Äôs rules which includes staying in their seat with their seatbelt fastened. My children are a big fan of the airplane mommy and they always do everything she says even when they don’t follow my rules

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