Traveling ALONE! | Solo Travel Tips for First Time Travellers

Today we’re gonna be talking about five super useful tips, it’s Robin alone trip tips let’s get right into it. Hi, guys, I do a lot of my travel alone or at least used to and for me personally, I do think if I’m the best ways to travel, it’s the most fun and it’s just a pretty cool experience to get out and experience stuff on your own. So and we drop in flat tips traveling on your own if you haven’t done it before this might be really useful if you have before you might learn some things sit down.

Tip number one which you might think is kind of lame and I’m gonna be honest I kind of think it’s lame too but it is still super important and that is touch base with your loved ones semi-regularly, you don’t just at least make sure there’s at least one or two people who know where you are at any given time at least you’re off location and what you’re up to and what you do more because you never know when things might go down south and this isn’t me saying that you’re gonna get kidnapped and dragged into the outback but it’s good.

That someone can know where you are things do go over itself well, so you get stuck with no money your phone gets stolen you don’t know it to sleep alright, but if someone knows where I never know they could maybe somehow help you. I don’t know because I’m parenting noises you know talk to your loved ones every night never when you’re traveling or so I’ve heard. I don’t know there’s something that I would forget to do because I’m having so much fun and is just something that’s quite important and sure your parents will thank you for it in the long run, it’s just a smart move make sure you let someone know where you are when you’re traveling alone.

Number two but it’s to have some sort of emergency backup cache when you’re traveling preferably stored separately from like your main wallet and bag and stuff because if your bag does get stolen you want to get stolen, you’re left in a pre sticky situation it’s good but I came out is good I’ve got enough money to get a cab to the airport or maybe pay for like a few nights accommodation at a crappy hostel but at least you know you’re gonna be able to sleep and get back to where you need to be until you can.

So our extra funds yeah it’s not something you really want to think about because being enough to miss me like you don’t really want to plan for things going wrong, but sometimes it can happen it’s not your fault it’s just good to be prepared for that so make sure you have some see cash stashed away for a few nights. Accommodation some food whatever in a separate place from the rest of your belongings your thank you lay off.

Number three and this is probably the best tip you’ve any hero with a and if you are traveling alone but it’s a space hostel-like if you’re traveling alone. I’m assuming you’re gonna want to make some friends along the way meet some cool people learn some new things and honestly staying at a hostel is the best way to do that so many times of our child alone. I’ve got to stay a hostel on my own and knowing full well that I’m gonna leave that place of a bunch of new friends it happens every time like one time. I mobile is just sitting down I had like a pre like is a few days I just wanted to spend one night there is nothing sat down in the hostel common room with my laptop editing some YouTube videos. Back in a day and a bunch of people just sit next to me out of nowhere they just got on the bus from the other hostel and then they come over with a bunch of drinks next minute.

I’m not editing videos anymore um getting yeah anyway this decision I made a bunch of new friends had a really good night did a lot of cool stuff it was great I’m so fun and they’re really good as well because everyone knows who’s traveling and so I also was in the same sort of mine space to do that when I meet people it when I do cool stuff. So if you want to have a good time travel alone go and stay number four it’s this kind of similar similar vibe to the last tip and that is to be open to everything if you’ve just met a bunch of new people and they say something like hey like a no you’re not really doing anything today we’re gonna go get five in it’s a four-hour drive down a close, but we just rented a car you want to come with us just plain which sounds like a you know non-common-sense thing to say like yeah I’m doing that my like when you’re traveling alone and you’ve got your plans set it’s kind of sometimes you forget that you maybe it’s stuck in your ways a bit and you don’t really like for yourself up to doing new and exciting things that you normally wouldn’t do or maybe like you’re too tired and like to do that but I guarantee if you just say yes and you go do that thing you’ll thank yourself a thousand times by car once you’ve done.

It because they’ll be memories that you wouldn’t have created otherwise and life is just a great, I don’t know I favor until buy it because it’s just so cool but like just be open to everything when your travels are like they open to like any suggestions people have been able to meet new people talking to people you wouldn’t normally talk to hanging around with doing things that you would normally do try and move foods just everything like that’s what Tom is about I’m getting really like what trying to preach now but do we just make me just to be open to new things.

And number five and that is being prepared to change your plans in the blink of an eye you could be traveling you could have a set route you could know where you went to be every single day you’re gonna have your accommodation booked for the next week and a half bar you might see something that you think is it amazing and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that pops up and you have to take that and it doesn’t matter because you have to take that opportunity because you can do all of those other things whenever you want you can travel down the coast those opportunities aren’t going anywhere but, these fingers come up yeah it might never happen again and you’re gonna kick yourself finish in forever and ever if you don’t take it I don’t know what it is but it’s great and so you need to be prepared to change your plans like that.

Don’t be saying stone when you’re traveling alone like you’ve got to be like water my friend yeah I just quite variously be water, my friend, yeah guys like if there’s nothing wrong with changing your plans and not sticking to what you originally intended to do. You prepare to change in a blink of an eye and just be open to everything that like you’ll thank me down the road, yeah that’s it I feel like I got really off topic there so I’m gonna apologize for that, you guys.

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