What to Pack: Kids Carry On Longest Flight Ever

Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m going to be showing you what to pack in the kids carry-on cases for a long haul flight. We’re actually going on the longest flight we’ve ever been on with them. We’re going from London to L.A., so it is an 11 and a half hour flight with three children. They are eight, five and two years old, so I have quite a few different things to show you.

For cases, we are taking their scooter travel cases. Again, so you literally get a little luggage case on a scooter. We love using them because we don’t actually have to carry them. The boys just scoot along and you can take them in the cabin. Then once we arrive in L.A., they can use them as scooters while we’re there as well. We think they’re great.

With our two year old, I’m going to share a carry on case with him, which is just going to be my handbag. But without further ado, I’ll show you everything that we’re taking. There are quite a few snacks and activities as well.

Whenever I pack, I tend to lay everything out on the table or a bed so I can make sure I have enough stuff, and I can see everything before I put it into a bag. I’ll start over here. I’m bringing Dettol wipes because these kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, and planes have so many germs on them. You may notice that sometimes you get off a plane and you get sick because the air on a plane is just circulating round and round, so there’s quite a few germs on there. As soon as I get on, I’m going to wipe down their trays, I’m going to wipe down their chair arms. I’m going to wipe everything in a bid to try and clean
the space a little bit. So that’s a massive tip. Then I’m also bringing some hand sanitizer, just because before they eat a meal, or eat a snack, I’m going to just get them to use this. Again, I just, I don’t really want anyone to get sick.

In terms of toileting, what I tend to do, because my two year old is still in nappies, I bring one nappy per hour of travel. I have about 12 here I believe. Then I’m also bringing a pack of eco unscented wipes, a little tiny barrier cream for nappy rash or diaper rash, and also some little sashes of Calpol. Rather than bring a big bottle of it, I’m actually just going to bring these this time. I have about six, and there’s five ml in each, so I always bring Calpol because you never know if they’re going to get a headache, or if my baby’s going to teeth, or just so many things.

Over here, we have three piles, one for each boy, so I’ll just talk you through. They’re all pretty similar. They have loads of snacks. These are all treats that they wouldn’t normally have. It makes it a bit more exciting. Of course there’s going to be meals on the flights because it is a very long flight, but I’m also bringing lots of treats and snacks as well. So, we have some popcorn, Doritos, onion rings. They love these little strawberry flakes in yogurt, so I’ve got two packs of those. Also a little Barny bear, a little rice krispy square. This yogurt is great for travel because you don’t need a spoon to eat it. You can
just, they’ll just suck that right from the thing, and it’s got no nasties in it, so my kids really like these. It’s whole milk and fruit.

Then also I’ve got some breakfast [Belvita 00:03:13] biscuits. I’ve got satsuma and an apple. I will also be making a sandwich for each boy on the day that we travel, but we’re not going for a few days, so I’ll make that fresh. Then I’ve got each of the boys a little surprise egg. [Jackson 00:03:29] has a PJ Mask one, and then the other two have a kinder surprise egg as well. There’s a few different variations. Fraser is a bit older. He likes these Nature Valley bars. He’s also got a tiny thing of Haribo, and Caleb’s pretty much got the same snacks as [Jackson 00:03:47].

I also have some mini lollipops for them to have during the descent in case their ears are feeling pressure, they can have that and it will hopefully help. I also wanted to show you that I’m actually putting their treats into a big Ziploc bag each, and I have labeled it so they know who’s snacks are who. As soon as we get on, we can take this bag out of the carry on, put it in the seat in front of them, and they will have snacks to hand so that we don’t have to keep going up to the to[ shelf to get their bag out and all of that stuff. I’m going to limit to a snack an hour, in terms of the treats. But obviously if they don’t eat one for a couple of hours because they’re sleeping, then they can have more, but I am going to try and limit them so it lasts for the whole 11 hours.

I’ve also got them each a little drinking bottle. We will take them empty and then fill them up on the flight. I put their initial on each one. We have Jackson, Caleb and Fraser. These are quite small, but I thought that that was actually quite a good thing because they can go into the seat pocket in front of them, so when we get on, we can fill it and they can have it right there if they get thirsty.

I’m also bringing this concentrate travel squash from Robinsons. It is 0% sugar, and it’s great because we can fill up their cups with just water, put a splash of this into it and it turns it into juice, and we will also use this abroad.

Because it’s a long haul flight, there will be in-flight entertainment on the plane, so each person will have a little screen to watch. I’m sure there will be films that they were to watch. There’s a whole children selection of movies. But, just in case, we have loaded up the iPad with Umizoomi, Sing, Trolls, Zootropolis, their favorite movies so they can watch this.

Although we only have one iPad, [Matt 00:05:38] and I also have our phones with us. So if they each needed something, we would actually have it. The movies and things that are available on the iPad are also available on our phones because we have like a family sharing thing.

Each child also has a pair of headphones so that they can listen to their movies. Planes are really noisy places, so it’s good to have these. I think they might even give them out on board, but just in case they don’t like them, we have room to bring these ones. To entertain our two year old, I have a few things here. First thing is I’ve got some twist up crayons, which are great for traveling with. They’re much better than traveling with pens that could get everywhere, so I’ve got the crayons, and then I have a Peppa Pig magazine, which comes with a surprise bag on it, and inside, there are things that you can color.

There are also stories that I can read to him, and stickers as well. So there’s so much going on inside this that I’m thinking that will keep him quite entertained. Then I’m also bringing his Water Magi books. These are great. You get a pen and you fill it up with water. Then when he rubs the pen over these images, all the color shows, and they also dry out really quickly and he can do it over and over again. then I’m also bringing just two little Mr. [Men 00:06:51] books because they’re so thin and perfect for travel. So I’ve got Mr. Skinny and Mr. Jelly, so I can read him a story if he wants to.

Then for my five year old, I have got this ultimate sticker collection from Lego. This book’s really good because you get the sticker, and then there are some activities where you have to match up where they go. We’ve got that, and then I know that he’ll also really enjoy playing Uno with his older brother. This is like their favorite card game. I can’t recommend it enough for when you travel. They will probably play that quite a lot. I also got each boy a little [Mashum 00:07:28] surprise so they can open that up and see which one they’ve got. The two older boys have Marvel, and then my toddler has a Peppa Pig one, so
I think they’ll really like them. That should keep them entertained for a little while.

Then for my eldest, obviously he’s eight, so he’s really into doing crosswords, so we have a crossword book. I also have a little Horrid Henry novel. He really likes the Horrid Henry books. And then also a word search, which is Spurs, which is the football team that he supports. Then I’ve also got him a little pack of Match Attax, which are the football cards that he collects. Then finally, I have a pair of pajamas for each child because it is such a long flight, and it is overnight. If they’re struggling to sleep, I think if I try and do the whole bedtime routine, change them into pajamas, wash their face, brush their teeth, that might actually help them sort of feel like it’s nighttime. I tried to choose pajamas that could maybe pass for joggers, or an outfit when we get off, just in case they’re still wearing their pajamas when we get off the flight. Hopefully they won’t look too strange. Fraser’s got these Minecraft ones, and then the boys just have ones from Next.

Right, so that’s everything that I’m putting in the kids carry on cases this time. Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you think I’m forgetting anything, because I definitely feel like I am, yeah. Wish me luck ’cause I’m going to need it, and I’ll see you on my next one. Bye guys.

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